The Enigma Protector 7.10

The Enigma Protector 7.10

The Enigma Protector Developers Team – 2.3MB – Demo – Windows
The Enigma Protector is software protection tool.
It has advanced scheme of registration keys generation:
Comfortable interface for creating and verifying of registration keys;
Special Enigma API;
Hardware locking of registration keys;
Time limited registration keys.
Also it has wide range of features to limit time of module usage:
Executions, days, date, time limitations;
System clock control.
The Enigma Protector has a lot of features to make your software module more safe to crack: Anti-debugger tricks;
Control sum checking;
Set startup password;
Additional features;
Hard modifications of import table of executable.
The Enigma Protector has features to help programmer to add beautiful things into existing module without writing any additional sources strings:
Ssplash screen. Adds splash screen to module startup. Choose your own picture to show it while module is starting.


The Enigma Protector 是在由The Enigma Protector Developers Team開發類別 Security Demo 軟體。

最新版本是 The Enigma Protector 的 7.10 2022/06/29 上釋放。 它最初被添加到我們的資料庫 2007/08/28 上。

The Enigma Protector 在下列作業系統上運行: Windows。 下載檔案的大小 2.3MB。

The Enigma Protector 已不被評為由我們使用者尚未。

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